Reduce labor costs and improve your barn performance by retrofitting your hog building

Retrofit to Reduce Labor Costs and Improve Your Barn Performance

Retrofit projects allow producers to use existing structure(s) to add new components. Double L offers several replacement ceiling and wall inlets that fit into your current rough openings. As production costs continue to rise, we need to do all we can to help minimize these expenses. University articles have listed air mixing as one of the most imporCorroded Truss Platestant ways to reduce heating costs. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have the right size fan and inlets, as well as inlets that do not leak air back into the attic.

C2000 (QUAD) Inlet Replacement

The C2000 (QUAD) has been replaced with the Double L JD2900 Inlet to reduce inlet freeze-up, which allows moist in-house air to enter the attic during cold weather. Attic inspectors have shown that this moist air can harm the metal truss plates, the ceiling insulation, and structural integrity of the building. The replacement JD2900 Inlet improves barn air mixing while also minimizing the air leakage back into the attic. The inlet lids are insulated to minimize condensation, dripping, and freeze-up during very cold weather. And even better news is that the JD2900 has the same size rough opening as the C2000 (QUAD).

Replacement is as easy as taking out the old screws and putting in new screws. Another advantage of the JD2900 is an increase in air capacity from the original C2000 (QUAD) rating of 1,883 cfm to 2,490 cfm with the JD2900. This is an increase in airflow of 33%.

No Reframing Needed With Raydot Replacement Inlets

Double L’s Raydot Replacement Inlets are constructed of a rotomolded single piece housing, which is corrosion resistant. They feature a 1” lid with a seal around the perimeter to minimize condensation, dripping, and inlet freeze-up. Shutoffs are included. Fortunately by using these inlets to replace the original Raydot Inlets, there is no reframing needed. The RD1200 and RD2400 Raydot Replacement Inlets will fit into the existing rough openings. Less labor and lower cost is hard to beat with these quality replacement inlets.

TJW Gravity Wall Air InletsThe problems that occurred with the BIL Inlets have been remedied by replacing them with Double L’s TJW Wall Inlets. The BIL Inlets leaked air around the blade into the room and the linkage system was hard to adjust compared to the TJWs. The TJWs are counterweighted on each translucent blade, allowing air to be brought in along the ceiling and mix the warmer air at that height with the cooler air near the floor. This helps with LP gas costs and helps reduce pig scours by preventing the pigs from getting chilled. The TJW louvers are easier to keep clean and don’t break like the BIL blades. Airflow capacity can also be increased with the TJW inlets.

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