Swine Metals

Our new swine metals provides greater comfort to the sow or gilt while attending to new genetic lines. Each product is carefully galvanized by hot immersion inside and out ensuring durability to last a long time.

Double L Farrowing Crate

  • Attached flip up and down anti-crush bar slows sows movement
  • Accurately placed finger bars allow nursing pigs protection at teat access
  • Adjustable 2-setting rump bar ensures accurate pen sizing
  • Outfitted with feeder/water attachment simplifying installation
  • Designed with single pull latching system
  • Option available to not add anti-crush bar, rump guard or fingers

Double L Gestation Stall

  • Easily implement husbandry tasks with the step through back gate
  • Simple installation with left and right side hinged gating
  • Designed with single-pull latching system
  • Built in flat bar to reinforce bolting the structure to the floor
  • Includes a customizable stainless steel trough
  • Removable hot dipped galvanized feed tube

Double L Gating

  • Welding is done around the entire rod at the end of a bar to reduce corrosion area
  • Rods pass through bars, aiding in strength and durability
  • Option to order posts and feet as galvanized or stainless steel
  • Meets ASTM A123 Standards
  • Modify to fit new construction or remodel applications
  • Variable gauge sizing in rods throughout top to bottom