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STF1415 HDPE Sow Feeder

Part 16450
14″W x 15″H
(355.6 mm x 381 mm)
Ship Wt: 7.25 lbs (3.3 kg)


Product Meta

Double L’s HDPE polyethylene STF1415 Sow Feeder eliminates the expensive repair costs of stainless steel hog feeders while reducing feed waste with its rounded corners and rounded bottom. The plastic feeder is very hygienic since there is not a front lip on the feeder, reducing feed buildup and bacteria. Constructed of strong high-density polyethylene, the STF1415 Sow Feeder is corrosion free and power washer friendly for easy maintenance. Much quieter than steel and lightweight, though very durable. Sow Feeder is reinforced at feeder rod locations to reduce wear.

MOLDED MOUNTED FOOTMolded mounting foot sits on lower bar of front gate of farrowing crate, holding sow feeder in place

STAINLESS STEEL FEEDER COSTLY REPAIRSEliminate these costly maintenance repairs caused by stainless steel sow feeders:

  • bent feeders
  • separated seams
  • corners and holes to reinforce
  • thin steel to weld