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EcoDrive 90

Our EcoDrive winch system contributes to creating the ideal climate in every Buildings. The EcoDrive90 series covers a very wide range of applications such as natural ventilation, screening, hoisting or winching and daylight control. To create efficiency in houses the EcoDrive90 is built with a compact, light design that is manufactured from corrosion-resistant aluminum. Operators will forget it’s there with its low maintenance build and whisper quiet performance. The EcoDrive 90 offers the perfect price to quality ratio and is ideal for areas with poor power supply.


Part No 17002
Motor 24VDC
Torque 90 Nm
Belt Speed 6 in/min.
Travel Distance 3 ft.
Amp Draw   3 Amps
2 Belts     386 lbs/belt – 772 lbs. total
1 Belt       750 lbs/belt


  • UL/ CE/ CSA  Approved
  • Easy to set internal limit switches
  • Manual mode option available to increase animal safety
  • Compact, light and smart design
  • Powerful and self-locking
  • Includes emergency set point to protect animals if the barn loses power
  • Maintenance-free and whisper-quiet
  •  Manufactured from corrosion-resistant aluminum.

EcoDrive 90 Application Specs with Double L Inlet Vents

DL 35 Inlets
CSW 65 Inlets
DirectAire 100 Inlets