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8′ Ceiling Mount Polystyrene Ductwork with W400 Inlets

Designed for new or existing facilities, Double L’s Ceiling Mount Ductwork is swine ductwork that allows for two-directional air delivery from a center slot in the ceiling. The Ceiling Mount Ductwork air supply is from the attic or preheated hallway. Eight foot sections of Ceiling Mount Ductwork accommodate up to six W400 inlets – three per side to deliver high volumes of air. The 8′ Ceiling Mount Ductwork easily adapts as a replacement for continuous baffle.

Product Meta

8′ Polystyrene Ceiling Mount Ductwork with W400 Inlets

Part 90994B
Framed Opening: 12″ wide x 8″ high x 8′ sections
(304.8 mm x 203.2 mm x 2. 4 m)
Ship Weight: 22 lbs (10 kg)

Made In USA