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TJW4334 Second Stage TopJet Wall Air Inlet

PATENT NO. 6,475,078

Part 90522CH
Framed Opening: 43.75″ x 39.5″

  • The TJW4334 Inlet system is now comprised of a TJW4312 Gravity Inlet and a TJW3223 Gravity Inlet
  • Translucent louver blades allow more natural light into animal room
  • Adjustable counterweight for balancing multiple inlets, with ability to adjust for higher / lower static pressure
  • TJW louvers open from top instead of bottom and are designed to direct airflow towards the ceiling area
  • Engineered to open at 0.05 to 0.07 static pressure


Due to a number of problems, the BIL Inlet have been replaced with a Double L TJW Wall Inlet. Some of the problems with the BILs included leaked air around the blade into the room and the linkage system was / is very hard to adjust compared to the TJWs. The TJWs are counterweighted on each translucent blade, allowing air to be brought in along the ceiling to mix the warmer air at that height with the cooler air near the floor. This helps with LP gas costs and helps reduce pig scours by reducing the chance pigs get chilled. Each of the louvers are easier to keep clean and don’t break like the BIL blades do. Airflow capacity can also be increased with the TJW Inlets.


Installing TJW Wall Inlet


Replacing BIL Inlets


BIL Inlet in Hog Building