Swine Nursery Flooring

Premier Nursery Hog Slat in Hog Barn

Double L is excited to introduce our new nursery slat, the Premier Nursery Floor. Engineered for deep pit buildings, each 24″ x 24″ slat is constructed of heavy-duty rugged virgin polypropylene. The Premier Nursery Floor has high / low superior traction bars and is reversible for easy installation.

Double L’s Advantage Nursery Floor has a 1/4″ gap around the perimeter of each slat for ease of power washing clean. Made of rugged polypropylene, Advantage Nursery Flooring is non-conductive, which reduces chilling and stress on your pigs. Its 24″ x 24″ snap together design reduces the quantity of beams needed and cost of installation compared to the competition. The Advantage Slats reversible design allows for fast, easy installation.

With its reliable interlocking feature, Double L’s Excelerator Nursery Flooring is a great pig floor. Since it is 24″ x 24″ in size, it requires less supports than the competition which will reduce the cost of installation. The 7/16″ slot openings provide great filtration, leaving a cleaner floor which helps protect animals from bacteria-causing illness.

The purpose of hog flooring is to provide good traction, a comfortable surface, and durability. Hog flooring should be designed, constructed, and maintained so as not to cause injury or suffering to pigs standing on it. Flooring also must be suitable for the size and weight of pigs and form a rigid, even, stable surface. The objective of pig flooring is to provide a durable, comfortable surface with good traction. Traction bars help reduce the chance of a sow slipping when getting up or lying down. Hog slats should also allow manure to filter readily through the plastic or cast iron grate, helping to maintain a clean, healthy environment for your pigs. Pig flooring that is easier to clean improves labor efficiency and reduces the transmission of diseases. Double L has a variety of hog flooring options for your pig needs – nursery, farrowing, cast iron, plastic, and flooring accessories.

Double L has three nursery slat options for your pig needs. Our new nursery plastic grate floor, the Premier Nursery Floor, was designed for deep pit buildings. It’s bright lime green color is for easy pig scour detection and cleaning. Each pig slat easily snaps together for fast and easy assembly. Its prime gap location is great for efficient beam support cleaning. Both the Premier and Advantage Floors are reversible for easy installation. The Advantage Nursery Floor has a 1/4″ gap around the perimeter of each hog slat, making it easier to power wash clean and disinfect. The Excelerator Nursery Floor has 7/16″ slot openings provide 50% open space manure filtration through plastic grate, leaving a clean floor that helps protect each pig from bacteria causing illness.

Premier Nursery Hog Floor

Part 13130
(609.6 mm x 609.6 mm)
Ship Weight: 6.5 lbs (2.9 kg)

Advantage Nursery Hog Floor

Part 13120
(609.6 mm x 609.6 mm)
Ship Weight: 8 lbs (3.63 kg)

Made In USA

Hog Excelerator Nursery Floor

WHITE Part 13125
BLACK Part 13125-1
(609.6 mm x 609.6 mm)
Ship Weight: 6 lbs (2.72 kg)

Made In USA