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MKII Non-Overlapping (NOL) Red Rooster Flooring

Red Rooster Non-Overlapping Flooring (NOL) has the ability to have both 4′ sides of panel interlock for added strength. Each of the 2′ ends of panel butt up to the piece and do not overlap (NOL). Smooth, non-porous surface is easy to clean and disinfect by carrying 4′ sections out of the Broilers house for easy cleaning with a pressure washer, without having to disassemble floors. Netural no-break polypropylene does not absorb body heat from birds and improves production rates, while the black no-break polypropylene slat floor is UV protected.

Product Meta

MKII Non-Overlapping (NOL) Red Rooster Flooring

WHITE – Part 13504F
BLACK – Part 13507F
24.44″ x 48″ x .5″
620.8 x 1,219.2 x 12.7mm
Approx. Weight: 8 lbs / 4 kg
252 pieces / pallet
6 pieces / bundle

Made In USA