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DirectAire Cooling Pads

Part 31163

Dimension: 6″ x 36″

Part 31164

Dimension: 6″ x 48″

Part 31160

Dimension: 6″ x 60″

Part 31161

Dimension: 6″x 72″

Part 31162

Dimension: 6″ x 84″

The DirectAire Cooling pad is a meticulously crafted cooling solution, surpassing traditional options with its efficiency and durability. Tailored for livestock facilities, its design ensures optimal cooling, promising years of dependable service.


  • Unique structure provides a larger evaporation surface aiding in an outstanding cooling efficiency.
  • High face velocity enables air to pass through the pad without water droplet carryover.
  • Specially treated for corrosion resistance, mildew resistance and high structural strength to have a long service life.
  • Low pressure drop ensures that high-velocity air moves through the pad with minimal resistance.
  • Self-cleaning design, thanks to the steeper angle of the unequal flute design, flushes dirt and debris from the pad’s surface.