Introducing Premier Flooring: Revolutionizing Your Barn’s Performance!

Are you tired of dealing with subpar flooring solutions that just don’t hold up to the rigors of your barn environment? Say hello to Premier Flooring – the game-changer you’ve been waiting for! Engineered with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled durability, our Premier Flooring is here to elevate your swine management experience like never before. Let’s delve into what makes Premier Flooring the ultimate choice for your barn: Size and Hole Opening: With a generous 24″ x 24″ size and a 7/16″ hole opening, our flooring provides ample space and optimal drainage, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your pigs. Vibrant Color: Designed with high-visibility green, our flooring makes it easy to spot scours and identify pig health concerns early on. Say goodbye to dark corners – with Premier Flooring, your barn will be brighter and more inviting than ever before! Crowned Tops: Just like our esteemed Advantage line, Premier Flooring features crowned tops that facilitate efficient waste removal, keeping your barn cleaner and more sanitary. 2-Directional Windows and High-Low Traction: Borrowing key features from our renowned Excelerator, our flooring boasts 2-directional windows for easy cleaning and high-low traction for enhanced safety and comfort for both pigs and workers. Seam Tightness: We’ve minimized seam areas to reduce manure buildup and streamline power washing, saving you time and effort during cleanup. Exceptional Cleanability: Thanks to the combination of crowned tops, 2-directional windows, and tight seams, Premier Flooring washes like a dream, slashing cleaning time by up to 3 hours per turn in an 8,000 hd nursery! Effortless Installation: Installing Premier Flooring is a breeze! Simply snap it over our beams – no hassle, no fuss. Plus, our innovative double-wall design ensures that even cut pieces maintain structural integrity, minimizing sagging and breakage. Unrivaled Strength: Our flooring is engineered for maximum durability, with uniform thickness throughout to withstand heavy loads and reduce the risk of breakage. Invest in Premier Flooring today and experience the difference it makes in your barn operation. With its unbeatable strength, easy maintenance, and superior performance, it’s the flooring solution you can trust for years to come. Upgrade to Premier Flooring and elevate your swine management game to new heights! For more information call 563-875-6257.