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Double L Releases the Ultimate Ventilation Package

Package deal:Double L Group announces new poultry ventilation products

Ultimate package designed to advance airflow for poultry house upgrades, construction.

Poultry growers have a lot of options when it comes to upgrading or updating their facilities. Double L Group has made this daunting decision-making process simpler with the launch of their new poultry house ventilation package. The new products make production easier, more efficient and more convenient for producers. “Birds in poorly ventilated houses experience lower weight gains, poor paw quality and decreased livability rates,” says Trinity Persful, president and CEO of Double L Group, “Growers who integrate proper air mixing will notice lower production costs and fewer temperature variations across their operation.” Ventilation supports bird health by supporting a healthy poultry house environment. Well-ventilated houses have lower levels of bacteria, moisture and ammonia, which impact litter quality. Moisture and bacteria can lead to increased infections. Well-designed ventilation systems also support productivity by capturing warm air at the ceiling and mixing it before it reaches the birds directly, reducing stress and moisture content in the litter during cooler temperatures. “By pairing these bird health efficiencies with utility savings, increased productivity and decreased maintenance, growers can see a measurable return on their ventilation investment,” Persful says. The new Double L Group ventilation package includes all facets of an efficient ventilation system, including a winch machine, inlets, stir fans, tunnel doors and cool cell systems. A builder or poultry production team can choose any combination of products, with price benefits when more products are selected. This flexibility allows for a customized package to meet every operation’s needs for retrofitting or new construction. Product options in the package include:
  • EcoDrive Winch: Versatile and hardy, this multi-application drive system is used in poultry houses daily. The winch is easy to install, operate and maintain, making it a breeze for poultry producers.
  • RetroAire: Whether you are remodeling or replacing, this retrofit-friendly ventilation inlet covers existing inlet openings and modernizes the facility. The flush mount allows for easy installation and the curved blade design increases air mixing to the center of the house, improving the airflow pattern of the facility.
  • GalvX: This cost-effective, galvanized wall inlet replacement has a beetle-resistant seal and insulation to protect the longevity of the inlet. The size is customizable, making it an easy alternative in any poultry facility.
  • DirectAire Plus Stir Fan: Poultry facilities need dependable, efficient fans to improve ventilation and save on operating costs. This fan improves cubic feet per minute (CFM) by up to 15% and has a high-quality rotor motor. This results in less condensation, dryer litter and improved health for the birds.
  • EcoTight Tunnel Door: Think tunnel ventilation, but better. This door is made with durable, long-lasting materials that ensure a tight seal system. Tunnel ventilation doors are commonly leaky, but the EcoTight Tunnel Door is designed to prevent this problem.
  • DirectAire Cool Cell: With fluctuating temperatures, it’s necessary to have an evaporative cool cell system preventing hot swings in a poultry house. DirectAire is made with UV-resistant PVC and designed with fewer parts, making it easier to install and maintain. The system has additional storage capacity eliminating the need for a storage tank.
What do these products have in common? Efficiency, stress-free installation and adjustability. This makes the innovative Double L Group products a great fit for any project, whether it’s a new build or a retrofit for an older facility. The six new ventilation products will be launched at the International Production & Processing Expo on Jan. 24-26, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia. Connect with the Double L Group team in booth #B4807. Double L Group understands the poultry industry because they have been committed to providing high-quality, efficient and effective products and services since 1973. The team is proud of the innovations they continue bringing to distributors and growers. Double L Group puts customer needs first and strives to ensure every innovation delivers a return on their customer’s investment.

For more information, visit https://www.doublel.com/ or call 563-875-6257.