TopJet Insulated Shutter for Hog Barn


Double L's new TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter design minimizes air leakage and seals up tight with no cracks or spaces for air to come through. Double L's design has louver blades made of 3/4" insulated board encased in fiberglass with an R-value of approximately 6. The counterweight louver blades are uniquely designed to open from the top, directing airflow up. The design features of the TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter allow for tremendous energy savings and because of its insulation value, it is unique to the livestock industry.

Insulated Shutter vs Traditional Shutter - Infrared

Multiple infrared tests have shown a 20+ degree difference between the TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter and the Standard Shutter - providing great energy savings, a safer environment for animals, and less buildup of moisture in buildings.

When static pressure is created by ventilation fans, the TopJet Insulated Shutter blades automatically open to exhaust the air. When fans stop, the counterweight closes the louver blades. The TopJet Insulated Gravity Shutter is easy to assemble and install. It is available in two sizes.

IS8 Insulated Shutter on 50" and 51" Fan

IS8 TopJet Insulated Shutter for 50" / 51" Fan

 Part #90338
59 ” x 59” x 12" (1,498.6 x 1,498.6 x 305 mm)

Made In USA

Shutter Air Leakage Testing
  • Shutter design minimizes air leakage and allows for tremendous energy savings with great R-value insulation
  • Maximizes fan performance with minimal air restrictions
  • Minimizes air leakage and seals up tight
  • Counterweight louver blades are made of 3/4" insulation board encased in fiberglass
  • Unique design opens from the top, directing airflow up along the ceiling
  • Shutter packaged unassembled for ease of shipping
  • Easy to assemble and install