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Check out the electronic edition of the 2017 Poultry Times! Learn about our new patent pending EcoTight Shutter that improves fan efficiency and reduces cold air leakage. Manufactured to your custom size, its aerodynamic design allows for maximum air performance while minimizing light into animal room. Another new product from Double L is the CSW4612 Insulated Ceiling Sidewall Inlet that has an aerodynamic, insulated curved blade that directs fresh air along the ceiling to the ceiling peak for maximum air mixing. Also featured are the Insulated DirectAire Inlets, UL Listed and UL Listed to Canadian Safety Standards 1/5 HP 18 inch and 20 inch DirectAire Stir Fans, 360º Insulated Attic Inlets, and Red Rooster Flooring. Contact us at info@doublel.com to request a copy of the catalog to be mailed to you.