Broilers Flooring

Red Rooster Plastic Slats are a world class broiler breeder floor and Dog Kennel Floor (click to view kennel floor) that is manufactured in the United States but distributed worldwide. With over 30 years of proven global performance, Double L Plastic Slats are a very durable, cost effective, bacteria resistant, long lasting floor that was designed to replace wood and wire slats in Broilers breeder houses. Red Rooster Slat Flooring creates the proper environment for your birds to develop to their genetic potential for outstanding production.

Red Rooster Overlapping and Non-Overlapping Slat Flooring has a smooth, non-porous surface that is easy to clean and disinfect. Constructed of no break polypropylene, each slat will not harbor bacteria, rot, rust, or absorb water like wooden slats. Unlike wood floors, the birds are protected from breast blisters, leg problems, slivers, foot pad and hock injuries. Wood slats are prone to drying, cracking, and breaking – resulting in breast blisters and foot injuries. Red Rooster slats do not deteriorate or need to be replaced after each flock of birds.

Red Rooster Broiler Breeder Plastic Slats are used with success under birds of all sizes from little chicks to large chickens. Easily installed on 2 x 4″ or 2 x 6″ wooden supports, Red Rooster Flooring can be cut to specific sizes. Reinforced pre-molded screw holes allow for fast assembly of slats to frame.