The importance of air inlets is often underestimated. The air inlet is the most important part of every ventilation system. Without proper air inlets, no ventilation system can function satisfactorily. Air inlets are responsible for providing fresh air throughout poultry house and for maintaining a fast inlet air velocity so that good air mixing occurs, providing adequate air circulation. Double L inlets are structured to take warm air from the attic to heat the living area of the poultry house. The poultry inlets offered by Double L help to keep your air clean, lower your heating costs, and improve litter quality.

Flooring is another key factor in optimizing the performance of your birds, whether they be chickens, turkeys, or poultry. Double L Group's Red Rooster poultry flooring is "the modern way" to provide a comfortable, sanitary, stable production platform for your chickens. Red Rooster Flooring creates the proper environment for your birds to develop their genetic potential for outstanding production. This leads to a better return on your investment.

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