4872 Wean to Finish Pig Mat

Besides being great for creep feeding, the 4' x 6' high-density polyethylene Wean to Finish Pig Mats are non-conductive and act as a barrier between the pig and the cold floor. Pigs that are cold and chilled use the creep feed they eat to keep warm because they do not have any fat; consequently they do not gain weight. The greater the heat loss, the more creep feed it will take to offset that loss and produce gains. It is important to note that for every day a nursery pig is stressed, one more day is added on the finishing floor. 4872 Wean to Finish Pig Mats will help the pigs to stay warm, dry, and healthy. This, in turn, can reduce the number of days on the finishing floor for your pig.

4872 Pig Welcome Mat

4872 Polyethylene Wean-to-Finish Pig Mat
with 1 1/4" Feed Saver Lip and Handles

Part 16456
Dimensions: 4' x 6' (1.2 m x 1.8 m)
.115" (2.9 mm) thickness
Ship Weight: 13 lbs ( 5.9 kg)
Made In USA


Thermal Comfort

Hog Mat insulates little pigs from
cold weather and the cold concrete.

1/8" Deep Oval Indentations

Creep Feed stays in the 1/8" deep oval indentations and prevents pigs from moving it around and wasting the very expensive feed. This is a big advantage over smooth or biodegradable boards.

Pig Mat Raised Creep Feed Lip

1 1/4" raised feed lip keeps feed on hog mats, preventing it from passing through the slats.


Whether you prefer to store your pig mats away on a shelf or hang them on a wall, the 4872 Wean to Finish Pig Mat's handles allow for easy transport and storage. Mat Rack on left holds 15 pig mats.

Easily store pig mats on shelf or hang on wall