Double L has a variety of farrowing floor options for your swine needs. Plastic / cast combination floors, woven wire, tri-bar creep / valucast combination, and tri-bar / Schonlau cast combination. The IVP57 and IVP68 Farrowing Floor Systems are comprised of cast iron and creep slats that interlock, creating a nearly flat farrowing floor for your pigs. New Solid creep panels are also available. Cast iron is cool under the sow and the plastic creep slats are warm for the little pigs. The WV57 ValuCast and Ultra-Slat Creep Flooring is a self-supporting farrowing floor with corrosion-resistant hot-dipped galvanized steel creep. The TV57 ValuCast and Triangular Steel Creep Farrowing Floor is a self-supporting farrowing floor and is the cleanest creep floor on the market. The PS57 Schonlau Cast and Plastic Creep Farrowing Floor is comprised of 5" PermaBeam, plastic creep, and Schonlau cast iron; one of the best cast iron floors on the market.

Double L has both Schonlau Cast Iron and ValuCast Iron Flooring available - both provide great traction and are very durable. Manufactured to ISO9002 High Quality Standards, Schonlau Cast Iron has rounded shaped bars that have NO sharp edges and is safer for sows. Non-porous, crowned surface is easy to clean with no flashing. ValuCast Cast Iron has 7/16" openings and is non-porous. It is available in a few different styles and sizes.

Double L has a variety of nursery slats and sow slats to fit your plastic flooring needs.