Schonlau Cast Iron Flooring

Schonlau and the competition's cast iron flooring are made of very different material and molding. Schonlau cast iron flooring has rounded shaped bars without a sharp finish that are actually better for your pigs. Only Schonlau's slats are manufactured in the "open mold process" - thus only Schonlau slats have eliminated sharp edges and part lines. Independent German Institutes confirm there is 6% less teat injuries with Schonlau Cast Iron compared to the competition. This is why European's biggest companies use Schonlau. Sows are a costly economical factor, now more than ever. You must enhance a pigs early performance with intact teats since a lost teat is a lost feed bar. Producers must justify any teat injuries due to increasing fertility of sows and increasing pig numbers.

Schonlau Pig Cast Iron

24" x 42" Schonlau Cast Iron Floor
Red Schonlau Cast Iron - Item #13533

24" x 48" Schonlau Cast Iron Floor
Red Schonlau Cast Iron - Item #13538

Schonlau Pig Cast Iron
Schonlau Cast Iron

Schonlau Cast Iron Flooring Features

Swine Schonlau Features

Roundly Shaped Ribs

No sow teat squeezing compared to rectangular 90 degree bars.

Washing Schonlau Cast Iron Flooring

Rounded Corners, Smooth Surface

Schonlau cast iron has rounded corners and a smooth surface that allows manure to filter readily. Non-porous, crowned surface is easy to clean - no flashing!


Premium Flooring

A farrowing floor that performs well helps improve the sow's potential and maximizes profits.

Swine Schonlau Open Mold Process of Cast Iron Flooring

Open Mold Process

Schonlau cast iron is made from an open mold process which results in a crowning effect, giving your swine herd the ultimate in traction and comfort.

PS57 Schonlau and Plastic Creep Floor

Model PS57 Farrowing Floor

Schonlau & Plastic Creep Flooring with PermaBeam & End Supports

Schonlau Cast Iron & Filter-Eeze® Plastic -
One of the #1 Farrowing Floor Combinations Available on the Market

Schonlau cast iron sow flooring is "cool" for sows while Filter-Eeze® polypropylene creep flooring is "warm" for pigs. This combination flooring systems is superior since the cooler cast iron surface is preferred by sows and the warmer plastic is preferred by pigs. Since pigs tend to spend most of their time on the warmer surface, there are fewer crushing deaths.

Filter-Eeze® does not rob little pigs of body heat; thus, little pigs experience less chilling and fewer diseases.