PVC Creep Dividers

Designed for use in farrowing crates, Double L PVC Creep Dividers have many structural and performance benefits. Besides being more economical, PVC panels are easy to install, light, strong, versatile, durable, and easy to clean. Warmer than metal, Double L PVC dividers are an ideal material for creep dividers. PVC divider panels are 20" high by 7/8" thick and can be field cut to fit.

Hog PVC Creep Dividers

Part 12837         37" PVC Divider
Part 12890         90" PVC Divider

Part 12560-14    Two-Way Post
Part 12560-20    U-Channel

20" high x 7/8" thick panels or
508 mm high x 22.2 mm thick

Two Way Post and U-Channel