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By: Double L Group, LLC    |    September 18, 2018

Since technology is always evolving, swine barns should too. Think back to barns built 30 years ago. The production practices, barn construction, ventilation practices, and equipment to service the animals have all evolved drastically. The driving factor to these changes is usually to gain production efficiencies, ventilation efficiencies, and provide an overall healthier environment for production animals that reside in barns.


By: Double L Group, LLC    |    September 12, 2018

Achieving optimal performance from a broiler flock depends on executing the ventilation as correctly and efficiently as possible. During minimum ventilation periods, producers are concerned about moisture, litter condition, keeping birds warm, and air quality. The more control producers have over air quality, air temperature, and energy usage the more control they will have over their paycheck at end of grow-out.


By: Double L Group, LLC    |    September 11, 2018

Inlets will not perform without static pressure and you cannot have proper static pressure if you have air leaks. Most managers overlook the fact that static pressure is affected by air leakage. Remember, you are trying to pull incoming air in through engineered openings, not through random leaks in the building. Cold air entering through cracks, curtains, or inlets is heavier than the inside warm air. If it does not shoot into the room with sufficient speed at ceiling height, this incoming cold air will immediately fall downward along the sidewalls and endwalls, resulting in pigs being chilled.


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