Advantage Nursery Hog Floor

Double L’s 24″ x 24″ FILTER-EEZE® Swine Advantage Nursery Floor provides a heavy-duty, strong slat for pigs. The 1/4″ gap around the perimeter of each Advantage Nursery Slat makes the slat easy to power wash clean and disinfect, reducing the transmission of diseases. Filter-eeze® Advantage Nursery Floor has 7/16″ slot openings for 50% open space manure filtration that leaves a cleaner floor to help protect pigs from bacteria-causing diseases.

Made of rugged virgin, high impact polypropylene plastic material, Advantage Nursery Flooring has a warm surface that does not rob pigs of their body heat and reduces chilling and stress on your pigs. Its 24″ x 24″ design requires fewer fiberglass support beams than the 18″ x 24″ competition, thus also reducing the cost of installation. The Advantage Nursery Floor’s solid plastic construction is rust / corrosion proof and resists bacteria build-up, shedding waste easily.

The Advantage Nursery Floor has a heavy-duty design with excellent impact resistance. Double L’s Advantage Floor easily snaps together for fast and easy assembly and its reversible panels make installation even easier! High / low superior traction bars provide excellent traction for pigs. Reinforced deep cross ribs enhance strength.

Advantage Hog Nursery Flooring

Part #13120
24” x 24” (609.6 mm x 609.6 mm)
Approx. 8 lbs (3.63 kg)

Made In USA
Advantage Nursery Floor for pig
Advantage Nursery Floor Superior Cleanability
Advantage Nursery Floor Features
Advantage Nursery Floor has 11% Less Manure Trap Area