AC3010 Actuated Inlet

AC3010 360 Degree Insulated Actuated Inlet Designed for Cold Climate Conditions

The AC3010 Fully Insulated Inlet is a 360 degree airflow gravity ceiling vent. Air enters the inlet from the attic and when the inlet is open, air is evenly distributed in all directions into the poultry house. The AC3010 Actuated Inlet gently mixes warm and fresh air without creating a down draft, resulting in even temperatures throughout the room. The larger bottom lid directs airflow from the attic vent along the ceiling instead of falling directly on the chickens or turkeys.

AC3010 Actuated Insulated Poultry Ceiling Inlets

U.S. PATENT NO. 9,445,574

JD1501 Made In Canada

AC3010 Fully Insulated Actuated Ceiling Air Inlet

Part 90670
Approx. 2,518 cfm @ .15 SP
Ship Weight: 9 lbs / 4.08 kg
48 inlets / pallet
4 inlets / box

AC3010 Actuated Inlet Rough Opening


AC3010 Actuated Ceiling Inlet Installation