TV57 Tri-Creep ValuCast Farrowing Floor

The cleanest creep floor on the market, the TV57 Tri-Creep ValuCast Farrowing Floor has triangular steel bars with 50% openings that allow manure to easily filter into the pit. Constructed of corrosion-resistant, hot-dipped galvanized steel and durable ValuCast cast iron flooring, our TV57 Tri-Creep Farrowing Floor is an excellent combination farrowing floor.

Creep sections are non-porous - meaning bacteria cannot live in it and cannot hold diseases. The dimpled steel creep surface design creates extra traction for the little pigs. Raised end supports allow for better cleaning into the pit area. The Tri-Creep steel is mig welded, which is 4 times stronger than resistance welding and is built to withstand the constant movement and heavy weight of pigs. Resistance welding is known to have breakage in the welding points within a few years.

ValuCast cast iron floor tabs easily drop into place, combining the cast and tri-creep floors. ValuCast cast iron is cool under the sow in warm farrowing rooms and its high / low design provides excellent traction for the sow - minimizing possible teat and foot damage.

Lastly, the TV57 Tri-Creep ValuCast Farrowing Floor is self-supporting - no frames or supports needed. Simply install the floor to the concrete wall. Easy to install and power wash clean.

TV57 ValuCast and Triangular Steel Creep

Model TV57 Swine Farrowing Floor

ValuCast & Triangular Steel Creep