TJ4200 Hog Ceiling Inlet

TJ4200 TopJet 4-Way Ceiling Air Inlet

  • Revolutionary, patented design, maximized Jet Technology provides a better mixing of fresh intake air with the hog room and distributes air evenly from one inlet to another, gently mixing air without creating a draft for your pigs
  • Four directional louvers direct air along the ceiling and hold the air up longer while mixing with room air and distributing it evenly
  • Creates less draft and chilling for better air mixing
  • Snap-together design allows for minimal work site waste
TJ4200 TopJet Gravity 4-Way Inlet

US PATENT NO. 6,475,078

Made In USA

TJ4200 Gravity Flow
Ceiling Air Inlet

Part 90640
Approx. 1,812 cfm @ .125 SP
Ship Weight: 14.5 lbs / 6.6 kg

TJ4200 TopJet 4-Way Inlet Rough Opening

TJ4200 Gravity Ceiling Inlet Benefits

Fast Frame for Hog Inlet in Hog Barn

Fast Frame

Part 90620
Overall Dimensions: 32" x 32"
Framed Opening: 22.5" x 22.5"